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Continuing Yoga Education

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Jody Reece, 500ERYT, YACEP with Yoga Alliance 

500ERYT means: Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher that has a minimum of 500 hours of training in yoga studies and has taught has a minimum of 2000 hour since receiving the 500 hour certification.

YACEP means:  YACEP, or Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®, is a Yoga Alliance designation for individuals that teach continuing education courses. As a YACEP, you can teach courses that will count as Continuing Education hours for RYTs.


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Welcome to the world of yoga education and growth with Jody Reece, a seasoned yoga instructor and facilitator of transformative learning experiences. Jody not only shares her wisdom through regular classes and workshops. She has led 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Winter Haven, empowering aspiring teachers to embark on their own yoga journey.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Jody offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to teachers  allowing them to deepen their understanding and refine their skills. These CEUs are designed to provide ongoing professional development and offer a platform for exploration, expansion, and enrichment within the realm of yoga.

If you're a yoga teacher looking to expand your knowledge or a dedicated practitioner seeking to deepen your practice, Jody's Continuing Education Units provide an opportunity to delve into specific topics, refine teaching techniques, and broaden your understanding of the yogic path.

Join Jody on this transformative educational journey, where you'll gain insights, receive guidance, and discover new dimensions of yoga. Expand your teaching repertoire or simply enhance your personal practice with Jody's nurturing guidance and comprehensive expertise.

Embark on this enriching path of continued growth and education with Jody Reece, and embrace the endless possibilities that unfold when you delve into the depths of yoga.

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