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Embracing Change

Change is an inevitable part of life's journey, and for seasoned yoga teachers Jody Reece and Jhoanna Mukai, it marks an exciting new chapter in their yoga careers. Having honed their expertise and nurtured a dedicated community at Inside Out Yoga in Winter Haven, Florida, they are now embarking on a journey of transition to AdventHealth Fieldhouse. This shift opens doors to new opportunities, challenges, and the potential to inspire and uplift an even broader audience on their yoga journey.

Yoga teachers in seated twist
Experienced Yoga Teachers

Discovering Yoga: A Path of Transformation: For Jody Reece and Jhoanna Mukai, their love affair with yoga began with a spark of curiosity. Jody attended her first yoga class at Winter Haven Rec Center in 2000, where she experienced a profound sense of peace and rejuvenation. This marked the beginning of her lifelong dedication to yoga, inspiring her to become an esteemed 500ERYT and YACEP instructor with over 1300 training hours and 9500 teaching hours.

Similarly, Jhoanna Mukai was drawn to yoga as a transformative practice that balanced the mind, body, and spirit. Trained in various yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga, Jhoanna found her calling in sharing the gift of yoga with others. Her teaching journey began in 2006, shaping her into a respected and compassionate instructor.

The Legacy at Inside Out Yoga: For years, Jody and Jhoanna cultivated a thriving yoga community at Inside Out Yoga, where diverse classes, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings were offered. Their nurturing guidance and inclusive teaching styles created a safe haven for students of all levels and backgrounds. Inside Out Yoga hosted renowned teachers, organized retreats, and fostered a space of growth and transformation.

Embracing the Transition to AdventHealth Fieldhouse: With the transition to AdventHealth Fieldhouse, Jody and Jhoanna are excited to embrace new horizons. This state-of-the-art facility offers a spacious, inviting environment to continue their mission of spreading the transformative power of yoga. Here, they will be able to engage with a wider audience, including athletes, corporate groups, and individuals seeking holistic wellness.

At AdventHealth Fieldhouse, Jody and Jhoanna plan to teach classes tailored to the unique needs of all bodies. Whether it's yoga for athletes to enhance performance, corporate yoga to foster stress relief, or community-based classes to create unity, their vision remains centered on inclusivity and empowerment.

Continuing the Journey: As experienced yoga teachers, Jody Reece and Jhoanna Mukia understand that life's journey is never static. Instead, it's a continuous flow of growth, transformation, and adaptation. With hearts full of gratitude for their time at Inside Out Yoga, they embark on a new adventure at AdventHealth Fieldhouse, where they will undoubtedly inspire and impact the lives of many.

Through their teachings, Jody and Jhoanna aim to instill the values of mindfulness, compassion, and self-awareness in their students. Together, they carry the torch of yoga's ancient wisdom, lighting the way for others to find balance, strength, and inner peace.

As Jody Reece and Jhoanna Mukai take their expertise and love for yoga to AdventHealth Fieldhouse, they remind us that change is not a conclusion but a beginning. With gratitude for the past and enthusiasm for the future, they continue their mission to spread the transformative power of yoga to all who seek it. As Winter Haven welcomes them to their new home, we look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will create and the light they will shine upon the path of yoga for many years to come.

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